Project Placed is a centralised software platform designed to support the daily work-flow and data requirements of all those involved as they progress through the placement process, resulting in a greater efficiency, the reuse and utilization of data, and a dramatic increase in optionality for both Students, Universities, and Companies.

Project Placed has the potential to bring huge benefits to both Industry and Education. Instead of manually vetting, initiating and sustaining relationships with industry, universities will be able to plug into a single platform and access 1,000’s of companies of all sizes across the UK. Reputation and marketing benefits from exciting case studies increases student intake to university, thereby increasing revenues, whilst the increased interaction with companies and the production of demonstrable prototypes will lead to new grants to fund research. 

Launching with UCL, Project Placed will initially work with London based Computer Science Departments. Once established, however, we will partner with universities across the UK and aim to place students from a variety of departments and fields. This diversification is key to ensure liquidity is present in the market and that students, regardless of their degree, have the opportunity to learn in a professional environment by applying the theoretical knowledge they have gained in class.

Companies are rigorously vetted by Placed and we ensure that investors/VC's vouch for startup before they are granted access to the platform. This guarantees that students are only placed at reputable and trustworthy companies. In addition, training courses will be available to support companies in order for them to learn best practices in both mentoring students and incorporating projects into their own business. We also provide tools for the resource allocation of teaching assistants and professors.

If your department offers experiential learning as part of the curriculum, or is thinking about introducing such a program, then Project Placed is the perfect platform for you. Let us handle the management and support of projects, and drive client engagement, so you can focus on what's most important - Teaching!