The emphasis of Higher Education remains disproportionately theoretical, resulting in streams of graduates without the experience to apply this theory in the real world. In addition, academic institutes lack resources and rely on manual processes, resulting in an inefficient system that wastes time, has no centralised data structure, limits the opportunities for companies and students to get involved, and ultimately restricts the potential of experiential education.

Project Placed is here to amend that by providing a centralised platform and service that allows Universities to efficiently connect to, and manage, the placement of students across 1,000’s of small and large companies to complete vocational projects that count towards your academic grade. You will not only improve your employability but also enhance your ability to signal that employability, enhancing the matchmaking process further down the line so you enter the workforce in a job you relish. Already in collaboration with UCL, the largest university in Europe, and an incredible array of organizations such as Record Labels, Banks, Sports Networks, Charities and the hottest startups, Project Placed is ready to evolutionise your education.

You will then begin to build a Placed Score that incorporates both your academic grades and vocational experience, and which is validated by universities and employers. This will help transform your static CV into a richer, updateable, more connected record of your skills, expertise, and experience, helping you display effectively and accurately why you are the right person for the job!

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