Project Placed is a centralised software platform designed to support the daily work-flow and data requirements of all those involved as they progress through the placement process, resulting in a greater efficiency, the reuse and utilization of data, and a dramatic increase in optionality for both Students, Universities, and Companies.

The recent introduction of vocational placements in academia is a massive improvement to education, but the process and market is inefficient resulting in wasted time, unregulated processes and only a handful of companies getting involved. This is the result of academic institutions' reliance on manual processes and small, resource constrained departments, which impedes the engagement process with industry. Large companies, with well established HR departments, struggle to collaborate with universities effectively, whilst smaller companies do not have the time, expertise and most importantly the opportunity to do so.

Project Placed's platform provides a simple, fast, and efficient way for companies, of all sizes, tap into a new source of innovation, by utilizing the fresh and brightest minds of students from the UK's leading universities. The need to develop relationships with universities manually is no longer necessary as your company can now plug into a central hub that permits access to hundreds of univerisities across the country, and allows the headache of back office management to be outsourced to us. Not only do these placements enable students to gain invaluable experience and skills, which they often lack upon graduating, but allows your company to unlock value by executing those projects that it "never got to", at very little cost.

By implementing these projects your company also gets a chance to look at the country's best young talent and discover future employees, reducing hiring costs and increasing productivity in the long run. For each project a student undertakes they receive a 'Placed Score', which is comprised of both a grade from their university and client, producing a dynamic, verified indicator of an individuals academic performance and industry experience. Unlike current aspects of a C.V, this Placed Score gives employers comfort that the university has ascertained both the technical ability to do the job but also the readiness for the role.

Quality assurance is one of our cornerstones, so all companies are rigorously vetted by Placed and we ensure that investors/VC's vouch for startup before they are granted access to the platform. This guarantees that students are only placed at reputable and trustworthy companies. In addition, training courses will be available to support companies in order for them to learn best practices in both mentoring students and incorporating projects into their own business. We also provide tools for the resource allocation of teaching assistants and professors, to guarantee that project flow to a successful end.

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